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Happy Thanksgiving

This is the time of the year to give thanks to God for the blessings he’s given us. I woke up this morning and decided to do a little research into the history of the Thanksgiving celebration and found a few links I thought were interesting. As usual, Wikipedia has a pretty complete article on the holiday:


But I also found this book which contains an actual first hand account of the first Thanksgiving celebration. I always love to read the actual writings of people who were at a historical event. I find it much more interesting than reading some historians abridged version. So check this out, it’s the full text of a book called “Mourt’s Relation: A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth” on Google Books and contains footnotes to help give some background and explanation to the passages. Fascinating.


So what am I thankful for? I have so much to be thankful for it’s not even funny. First off, I thank God for never letting me go, for always pushing on my soul even when I was out doing my own thing, determined to ruin my life by selfish, reckless behavior. I thank him for having his hand is every area of my life, no matter how small. I thank him for sending Jesus to die for my sins and freeing me from that burden.

I am thankful for a wife who is caring and loving and faithful and loyal. I don’t deserve her.

I am thankful for a daughter who is sweet and kind, who loves people as they are.

I am thankful for my mens group who are some of the best musicians I know, and who are some of the most quality people as well. Thanks for keeping me grounded guys.

I am thankful for the ability to work, and the opportunity to work for a company which performs such a critical service to the community.

I am thankful for a renewed relationship with my little sister, and for all the new family connections made over the past year.

I am thankful for music, and the ability to create it by bashing on things with pieces of wood. Seriously, my life would have a serious hole in it without this.

And honestly if I sat here for another hour I could think of hundreds of other things. I hope everyone out there has a fantastic day today.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I really haven’t had the desire to post much here lately. I’ve gotten hooked on Twitter, which automatically updates my FaceBook, and that is really enough social networking for me on most days. Besides, there’s so much bad news in the world right now, it’s just too easy for me to turn my blog into one giant gripe session. But it’s Thanksgiving week and so I figured this would be a good time to forget about the country’s woes and give thanks for what is good. So, here’s my list of things to be Thankful for this year…


Bill Maher might not think Jesus is worth giving thanks to, but I do because let’s face it. I’m kinda screwed up. And as I look around me at this world, my family, my friends… wow…. we’re all screwed up! If you say you’re not, then you’re in complete freaking denial. So thank you Jesus for loving me, forgiving me, and making my life worth something despite my screwedupness. That’s a real word. Look it up.


This really should go without saying, but I have to give thanks for my family. Even though certain members are screwed up sometimes (see above point), I love ’em just the same. I don’t know what you do for Thanksgiving, but we always get together with Michelle’s side of the family at this time of the year. Her brother is a Chef and cooks the most amazing turkey. He actually BBQ’s it. Starts it first thing in the morning and cooks it all day long. We light a fire out on the patio, smoke cigars, have some brews, eat like pigs and watch the Lions lose every single year. Good times, man.


I’m the type of guy that keeps very few close friends. Not sure why. Probably because I’d rather hang with my wife more than anyone else, so I just don’t have time to hang with other dudes. A few years ago though I joined a weekly bible study with a bunch of guys who jam in the band at church and it’s been awesome. Our small group has grown to include some of the sound guys and other volunteers in the church and it’s probably been one of the best things that I’ve ever been involved in. So thanks guys, for not changing the meeting spot and forgetting to tell me, on purpose.

On a lighter note….

Rock and Roll

Because let’s face it, if it weren’t for rock, we’d all be listening to John Tesh or Yanni 24/7. And just think of a world where Yanni holds the #1 spot on the Billboard charts for 52 weeks straight. Imagine nothing but violins, harps and pan flutes played by dudes with white puffy shirts and tight pants? I shudder at the thought. Thank you Rock and Roll!

And lastly…. Beer

Now of course Beer is certainly something I could indeed live without. But I just want to take this occasion to give thanks that I don’t have to!  In the words of the great patriot and forefather of this country:

“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” – Benjamin Franklin

Word up, Benny.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thanksgiving Weekend Ride

We had a great day with Michelle’s family for Thanksgiving. They are a super fun bunch and this year we had people coming in from as far as Missouri and Washington so it was a big group! This is a very special Thanksgiving for me as well. It’s the first Thanksgiving in a long time to see several members of our family who have had addiction problems, enjoy this Thanksgiving clean and sober. What a tremendous blessing.

Friday I went riding! I had taken the bike up to Tracy for Thanksgiving day and then decided to go see Yosemite on the way home. I took Hwy 120 to Cherry Lake road, and then on out to Hetch Hetchy and the O’Shaughnessy Dam. What an amazing ride! I then left Hetch Hetchy and cut back through Yosemite Valley and came home via Hwy 41. The only downside; I miscalculated the time and ended up riding through Yosemite after dark. It was SO COLD!!! I stopped once just to go into the restroom and warm my hands on the hand dryer! But I got home in one piece and with all my fingers and toes in good shape.

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!

Why Pardon the Turkey?

This morning I read the annual non-news story about the President “pardoning” the Thanksgiving turkey. You know, this is the dumbest tradition in the world. Why pardon the turkey? It’s not like he’s leaving a wife and children behind or anything. It’s not even a full pardon, for crying out loud. He’s going to spend the rest of this turkey days behind bars! And it’s not like the President isn’t going to have the White House chef hack the heads off of about 10 other turkeys anyway. So why do we bother with this silly ritual?

I say forget political correctness and take an axe to that juicy gobbler on prime time television! Let’s bring in the holiday with a bang….er…. chop! It could be like the opening shot of hunting season, or the national anthem at a football game, you know? The Prez could have this big custom wood stump made out of African Bubinga or something, with a high gloss laquer finish, gold trim, and the presidential seal on it. He’d say a prayer of thanks, and then Cheney would hand him an axe, also inscribed with the presidential seal. (I was thinking Cheney might just shoot the turkey, but then we know he’s not the greatest marksman). So The Speaker of the House would hold down the turkey and the Prez would take a big ol’ swing and with one stroke kick off 24 hours of national binge eating and drinking! Then the Prez would sign the axe and give it to some big campaign donor or a Senator like they do with the pens they sign bills with

Yeah, that would be cool. When I become President, that’s how I’m gonna roll, yo. God Bless America!

What Are You Thankful For?

I’m writing this post a few days early because it’s going to be a busy Thanksgiving weekend for us. I plan to do some riding in addition to spending time with relatives and so after today, I probably won’t have time to write again until Saturday! So I wanted to talk a little bit about Thanksgiving and what I am thankful for.

I’ve been listening to people talk about this holiday and most everyone just wants to watch football and stuff themselves until they can’t move. And yeah, let’s be honest, I’m gonna do that too! But the real reason behind this tradition, which is several hundred years old now, is to give thanks to God for the things He’s given us this past year. So I’ll go first, and I’d be honored if you’d share your thoughts in the comments.

First off, I’m thankful for my family: My wife, who is truly my best friend and who I grow closer to each day, and my daughter, who is a cocky, lazy and completely loveable young lady. They give me purpose and add meaning to my life.

I’m thankful for my friends. They are very few (by choice), but are always willing to engage in good arguments over better beer, no matter how opinionated I may be at any given time. They are willing to ride with me for hours on end and not complain about their butts hurting. They give me great financial advice. They do Paul Stanley imitations from Kiss Alive! which always makes me laugh. They raise my spirits during dull grey days.

I’m thankful for my small group, or “growth group” as is the trendy term these days. Basically, it’s a group of guys that get together and study the bible and have a few laughs at each others expense. It’s been a major influence in my life over the past year, and my Tuesdays are a drag when we can’t meet.

I’m thankful for music and the musicians I know. I don’t think most people really understand the camaraderie of musicians; how incredible it feels to create simple sound that evokes such emotion in people. It truly is the greatest gift God has given me, and I am thankful for that.

Lastly, I am thankful for the opportunity to worship my God freely; to work where I wish, in the career of my choice; to speak without fear of persecution; to enjoy the fruits of a free market economy. These are things we too often take for granted, and at times seem all to willing to trade in for selfish pursuits.

I know there’s more, but those are the things that come to mind right now. Again, I’d love to hear what you are thankful for. I hope everyone has am awesome Thanksgiving!