Epic Ride 2016: Change of Plans!

Epic Ride 2016: Change of PlansWe were all set to do the whole Route 66 next year for Epic Ride. However, nature had other plans and blessed Wayne and his wife with a new baby last month. While this is certainly a blessed event, it means the baby would be 10 months old by the time we go on Epic Ride and to leave a new mother home alone with a 10 month old for half a month was just not going to work. So we had a little change of plans. We shortened the route to a more traditional 10 days, and decided we’d ride to TJ’s home state of Montana instead.

In researching the route, there is so much amazing scenery in Idaho and Montana to see. The problem we have living in California though is that you have to ride several days just to get out of the state and across Nevada! So this eats up several days on each end of the trip.

Another issue with this trip is that TJ has family and a lot of childhood memories in Montana. It would be nice to be able to visit all the places he knew growing up, and spend some time with his family. However, this usually isn’t practical when planning rides because let’s face it, most of us aren’t that excited about visiting our OWN relatives, much less somebody else’s. But sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. As always, the ride wins, and people need to be flexible and understanding.

The last challenge, and this is the same challenge with every trip, is that there’s just too much to see and too much ground to cover. So you have to make sacrifices. There’s a constant balance to trip planning between the amount of ground you need to cover vs. the sights you want to see in order to make a pleasurable trip for everyone.

Having said all that, I really think this has the potential to be the best Epic Ride so far. The amount of scenic byways and national parks we’ll cut through is amazing. And anytime we can finish a ride in Las Vegas is a plus. So I’m excited about this years trip.