Virginia Creek Settlement

Every year for the past 7 or 8 years we’ve been getting on the bikes and heading over the Sonora pass to stay at a little place called the Virginia Creek Settlement. It’s a tiny little “resort” that has a handful of motel rooms, some tent cabins, and a few other cabins. It sits on Hwy 395 about a quarter mile north of Bodie and 10 miles south of Bridgeport.

We love this place. The food in the restaurant is dynamite and we would probably go just for the pizza, even if we didn’t stay. In the evenings we’ll sit on the porch and smoke cigars or light a bonfire and relax, shooting the bull about the day’s ride.

The ride over is also fantastic and takes us pretty much all day. Every year I try to find some cool new bar or restaurant to stop in on the way. The Sonora Pass is also one of the most beautiful passes to ride over, although it’s a bit challenging on the east side with it’s steep narrow, twisting roads and sheer cliffs. But that’s all part of the fun of motorcycling.

We just got back from our trip this year and I thought I’d post a few pictures. Enjoy! We’re already looking forward to next year.