Hollister Freedom Rally

So on the 4th a bunch of us rode up to Hollister, the birthplace of the American biker, for the annual Freedom Rally. We had a pretty good time hanging out but I gotta say I’m tiring of rallies. Same old over priced, crappy beer. Same old cover bands playing the same tired songs from the 70’s. Same old vendors selling the cheapest and cheesiest biker clothing made overseas (I swear if I see one more guy in one of those shirts with the sleeves cut off and the arm holes artificially frayed I’m going to freak out). It’s all becoming such a cliche.

We’re doing Las Vegas Bikefest in October and I think that’s going to be my last formal bike rally for a few at least a few years. I think just heading out and actually riding to interesting places with cool people is all motorcycling needs to be about.