OK I know this blog is mess. I switched to Tumblr for a year and grew to hate it so I switched back to my old WordPress site and just dumped all those Tumblr posts. Anyway…. I’m back on track so here we go.

The Whole30 Diet! So 90 days ago I went to the doctor for my checkup and as usual he was just all pissed off at me. Well, not really pissed off but disappointed. Kind of like when you did something as a  kid to piss your mom off. Anyway, my cholesterol was high, my triglycerides were insanely high, I was 225lbs and drinking beer like a college kid on spring break. So he wasn’t happy, and neither was I.

Now I carry my weight pretty well, and I don’t eat terrible, and I do workout a few times a week, so in my head, I’m doing the right things, but when it came down to it, I wasn’t. I’ve always fought with fitness and that’s mainly because of two things: I love beer, and I love rich foods. But this time I had reached my limit. I was feeling awful. So I told the doc I was serious about getting it together and I wanted to come back in 90 days to recheck everything.

So the first thing I did was cut alcohol back to almost nothing. I was drinking every day and really slamming them back on the weekends. So I cut back to a few beers every few weeks. I also started really eating much better. But the alcohol reduction alone let me lose about 15 lbs! Woot!

Still even thought that was going well, I wasn’t feeling all that well. Then I saw a post from some friends about this Whole30 diet. Basically it’s a detox diet. They cut out anything man made or anything that can cause digestion issues or allergies. So no dairy, no wheat products, no added sugar. Basically it’s lean meats, vegetables and fruit, period. This sounded like a challenge and a good challenge is what I needed so I started on it with 3 weeks until my checkup.

It was hard at first. The first week was horrible as my body was flushing out all the bullshit, but week two got a little better and by the end of week three I was feeling dynamite. I went back to my doctor for my checkup and what we found was amazing! My cholesterol had dropped 30 points, my HDL was up, my LDL was down, and my triglycerides were down a whopping 152 points!!! For the first time in 10 years my blood tests were normal! The doc even took me off my Cholesterol meds! Oh, and as a side note…. my total weight loss for the 90 days was over 20 lbs. My doctor was freaking out.

I also increased my workouts to 6 days a week. I’m doing P90X3 which are 30 minute high intensity workouts so they are plenty easy to fit into my day.

So i just want to throw out my endorsement for the Whole30 and P90X3. I feel and look the best that I have in years. I’m pretty stoked to continue on and see if I can keep it up. I go back to my doc in 120 days for a follow up. I’ll post the results here.

Here’s a few links to the programs I’m on.

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