Well then… I posted a whopping 4 times in 2013. Let’s try and change that for 2014 shall we?

So it’s new years day and, as many do at this time of year, I’m sitting here nursing my hangover and thinking about life. And I’m thinking the usual thoughts… what about me sucks? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m thinking. What about me sucks so bad that I need to change it this year?

There’s a lot of things actually but as I was sitting here thinking about the real deep things that are wrong with me I realized that these things are the same things I’ve been fighting with my whole life. My friends and family don’t always see these things of course. They think I’m freaking awesome! But I know they are there. The problem is I can’t really talk about them because well…. do we really want to air our dirtiest laundry to those who think we’re freaking awesome?

Of course not. That would spoil the freaking awesomeness, right? And I like being freaking awesome. But that causes a problem. And that problem is that we have to put up a front to maintain the image of freaking awesomeness. And maintaining that image causes stress and inner discouragement.

So what’s the cure? Well who knows? I’m not a therapist. I guess we come up with resolutions and stuff, right? So I’m doing a resolution this year. Only one. And that resolution is to simply live an authentic life.

What does that mean? Don’t worry I’m not going to just become a total a-hole and just be cool with it. I think it just means doing the right thing and being a good person, all the time, In mind, body and soul. In public, but also in the privacy of your own mind. It means a lot of self examination and really changing daily thought patterns and habits. But I think that goal creates a positive daily exercise for the heart and mind.

Now I could have just picked a few things that suck about me and focuses on those, but I think focusing on the whole person is more productive and actually a better approach. If you want to be a great drummer you can learn to play songs, but that means you can only play those songs. But if you learn technique and structure and styles, that allows you to play any music. So, I’m going to try and focus on being truly authentic and by doing that I hope that the parts I have to hide eventually just cease to exist.

So that probably sounds like a bunch of nonsense but it is what it is. We’ll see how it works out. Oh, and I ‘m also going to try and blog more.

Happy New Year everyone!