Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! This is a special day of remembrance for Americans. Despite what Facebook says, it’s not about BBQ, or fireworks, or “the troops”. We didn’t even have “troops” back in 1776. No, it’s about something that took an incredible amount of courage to do. This is the day our country wrote a letter to the King of the most powerful country on the planet and told him to bugger off (that’s English for “get screwed”), and we weren’t going to take his crap anymore. We were starting our own country.

When you think of the magnitude of that action, it’s pretty frightening. We were a country of farmers and business men. We didn’t have an army of any kind, no fighting ships to speak of, and we were picking a fight with a world superpower. That’s freaking scary. I could not imagine all the hand wringing and debate and prayer that must have gone into making that decision and actually writing up the document, knowing that signing it was going to result in a full on war with England. And you can tell they put some serious thought into it. This wasn’t a pissed off mob. These men were smart, and thoughtful and moral, and you can see that in the writing of the declaration.

So today, take a minute to get past all the cheesy cliche’s, the gluttony, and the bad photoshop images on Facebook and read the declaration for yourself. I’ve provided a link below. And then stop and thank God for our forefathers and their courage.

The Declaration of Independence