Well, that was quick.

I decided a few weeks ago to kill this blog. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years and this is the third or fourth iteration of the blog and it had just become stale. So I killed it.

But a few days later I suddenly decided I had something to say but nowhere to say it. I had originally figured Facebook was where everyone posts these days, but quickly realized nobody wants to hear anything serious on Facebook. Facebook is like Christmas dinner with the in-laws. All small talk and smiles. The people who bitch about stuff are quickly sent to the back porch to hang out with that pimply cousin who smokes pot 24/7 and are not invited next year. Yes that my best analogy for Facebook filters.

So I fired the old blog back up. I thought about adding back all the old posts, but I figured screw it, it’s not worth the effort. I might dig out my Africa diaries since people seem to like that series of posts. But for now I’m starting fresh. A clean slate. A blank page. An empty canvas in which to split my head open and fling my brain goo onto. I hope you’re not eating spaghetti right now.

One thing I’m not doing this time is allowing comments. I’m so sick of spending time deleting fake handbag and viagra posts from my blog. So if you have an opinion about what I’ve written, you’re just gonna have to keep it to yourself.

Talk to you soon.