Stuff Christians Say

My buddy sent me this video tonight and I about died laughing because I as a Christian, and a guy who hangs out with other Christian guys on a regular basis, hear these phrases all the time.

And I don’t know why we fall into these patterns. We now differentiate between Christian music and “secular” music. Where in real life does the word “secular” even exist? We use lame psuedo-curse words like fricking and shoot instead of the real words we use at home, but the intent and meaning is still exactly the same. And who in real life uses the word “fellowship”???

We’re phonies.

And how do I know this? Because when my buddy sent me the video, I sent him back a message using the “F” word in a major way as a joke. But I did a “reply all” by accident and I immediately felt like I screwed up. Even though every one of those guys has heard me use the “F” word in private, I suddenly felt like I wasn’t living up to the Christian “standard” because I had done it publicly. And let’s just be honest… if cursing were my only shortcoming, I wouldn’t even bother writing this post.

So that’s the definition of phony.

So… how do we deal with this? So how do we continue to strive to be closer followers of the teachings of Jesus, without putting on an act like we’re further along than we are? How do we deal with our shortcomings while at the same time working to eliminate them?