My thoughts on the election of 2012

I’m disgusted tonight. No, not because Obama won the election. Honestly, I don’t really see much difference between Obama’s presidency and Bush’s. I’m not paying more taxes, they haven’t taken my guns away, and I don’t have to salute the president or post a picture of him above my mantle if I don’t want to. No I’m digusted at people’s attitudes.

I’m sitting listening to all the whining and bitching and moaning about how the country is going to hell and our lives are going to be destroyed because Obama won the election. And what struck me is that most of the whining is coming from people who are what I would call well off. Home owners, nice cars, good jobs, and enough discretionary income to eat out often, drink good liquor and smoke fine cigars. People just like me. Yet these are the people most vocal about the state of our economy and most distressed about our future. I mean seriously, I’ve sat at a table and basically watched guys light $20 bills on fire and smoke them, while complaining about the shitty economy.

These are also the first people to say something like “I hope all the idiots get what they deserve” and “I’ll just trust in God now”. Since the bible says nobody comes to power without God allowing it, I’m sure God feels pretty good about being called an idiot and playing backup to the true savior of the world, Mitt Romney.

We live in modern day America which is still the most priveledged nation the planet has ever seen. Jesus lived in the Roman ruled middle east, which was probably the most unfair and completely brutal place a person could live 2000 years ago. Did you ever hear him complain about the government or bitch about taxes?

This country needs to get a grip and really take stock of who we are. All I see are spoiled children.