New Gig!

Ask and ye shall receive! A few days ago I was lamenting the state of my music “career” and thinking it was time to get back into a gigging band. SOS is writing some good music, but that’s mostly a recording project and we won’t be playing many gigs or even getting together very often. What I want to find is a good band, with good people, to sit in with, play some gigs, and have a good time. I’m not interested in partying, or playing out every weekend at seedy bars, etc, etc.

So I updated my drumming resume and posted it on Facebook hoping I’d get some leads. Interestingly enough, at exactly (I mean literally exactly) the same moment, a friend of mine had lost her drummer and was sending me an email asking if I wanted to sit in with her and her band. Talk about perfect timing!

So now I’m learning songs for Amanda Duran and planning to sit in on some gigs she has lined up. I don’t know where it will go. It may just be a fill in type of situation until they find a permanent drummer, or it may become a permanent gig. Who knows? But the cool thing is, I’ve got a quality gig with quality people, and now my musical itch will be scratched… my drumming gears will be greased…. my musical belly will be rubbed… my… ok you get the picture.

God is good, man.