New South of Shaw!

Well, it’s been 6 years since South of Shaw graced the stages of the Central Valley and your MP3 player. Since then Rich moved to Las Vegas and played with several bands there, Bob moved to Hermosa Beach and started Hart Brake Kid, Kyle pursued his career and I recorded albums with The Avenue and the Alan G. Yerxa Band.

South of Shaw was always a fun project though and while we had our ups and downs, overall it was a great experience and I think we wrote some very cool music within that genre. So when Bob and I started kicking around the idea of writing again, I got really excited about it.

So last weekend I drove down to L.A., Rich flew in from Las Vegas, and together we sat down in a tiny room with my new JamHub and banged out three new songs in 48 hours. Honestly, we were on fire with ideas and the songs just spilled out of us like water from a clogged toilet…. ok that’s an absolutely horrendous metaphor. But you get the idea. We were unstoppable!

Anyway, I went into my studio this week and tracked the drums for the songs and they sound HUGE! Bob is going to be tracking rhythm guitars in L.A. and then we’ll get together sometime during the next month to do leads and melody lines, and then vocals and bass at a later date.

What’s really cool about recording in today’s connected world though is that we can share ideas instantly. We use DropBox to share the scratch tracks and so everyone can drop them into GarageBand, rehearse and whatever, and then when we get together we’ve already got things down, so our time is very well spent. It’s really a cool way to work. No more twice a week band rehearsals and fighting with schedules and all that. Each of us can now work on his own schedule. The other great thing is that since our production cost is basically zero in today’s digital world, we can release singles as we finish recording them. No need to spend a year writing 12 songs and go press a physical CD. Now we can just upload to iTunes as we finish the songs. Very cool.

I’ll be posting audio snippets as we make progress. Stay tuned, 2012 is gonna be a rocking year for SOS!