Talk to your Father

The other day I was going through some things in my head regarding my kid. She’s had a tough time getting hours at her jobs and paying her bills on time. But after getting all worked up and angry inside about my “lazy kid”, I realized what really pissed me off was that she had barely spoken to me in several weeks. Now, we weren’t mad at each other or anything, it was just that our lives were going in two different directions, and basically I was pissed because here I am worrying about her career and subsidizing her lifestyle, and yet she can’t even take a few minutes to talk to her old man and tell me what’s going on in her life.

Honestly, I think God gives us children because it’s the best way to make us understand our relationship with Him. And in that moment, I had a profound realization that I was treating my heavenly father far worse than my kid was treating me. And I felt ashamed.

Here I am living a blessed life. I have full time work, a happy marriage, ample recreation time, yet the only time I reach out to God is to ask for forgiveness for some stupid thing I’ve done, or to ask for help. It’s the equivalent of calling home only when you need money. I never stop in just to chat, or tell him about my day, or share my fears, or celebrate the good things with Him. I just ask for stuff. How frigging selfish of me.

The bible talks about God as our father. And Jesus spent a lot of time teaching about relationships. That’s what it’s all about. That’s all that it’s about. That’s why we were created. So don’t forget to stop in and talk to your Father in heaven today.