Fit Again

The holidays always kill me. All the sweets, rich foods, and the change in the weather causes me to overeat and under exercise. This year was especially bad because even though I was doing P90X, I had just gotten bored with the program and therefore was not working out regularly. So I got fat. 213 pounds fat.

Well, 60 days ago I decided to drop $100 and get the RushFit program. RushFit is designed by the trainer of World Champion UFC fighter George St. Pierre. So I plugged in the DVD’s, started working out, watched my diet very carefully and today I’m down to 198.5 pounds! Yeah baby!

I’ve written about fitness a lot on this blog because I honestly feel that being fat and out of shape is a crime. Not a literal crime, but it’s just a shame because it’s not necessary. When I’ve been at my heaviest, I know in my heart it’s not because of anything but laziness and consumption. Or in terms of the 7 Deadly Sins; sloth and gluttony. Man those are tough words aren’t they? But America in general has a real problem with sloth and gluttony.

Anyway, I’ve kind of done the up and down rollercaoster ride of fitness but every time I reach a peak, I realize what I did wrong during the last cycle and this time I realized that even being on a “cycle” is wrong. The key to staying fit is not getting fat in the first place. And what it takes not to get fat is consistency in eating and working out.

This time around, I worked out every single day except for Sunday. I did this religiously and it really paid off because it’s not really what workout you do that matters, it just matters that you work out. You have to raise that heart rate for 30 minutes to an hour and give it your all. Every. Day.

I also use to both track my calories and get support and accountability from others. The calorie tracker is great because I guarantee if you try and count your calories yourself, you will always take in way more than you think you do. One meal at a restaurant is a guaranteed full day or even two days of calories. And when you consider most people eat out several times a week or even several times a day, it’s no wonder we’re all fat. Count your calories religiously. What it comes down to is this: You must burn more than you eat to lose weight. Simple.

The last major change I did was cut out alcohol. I drank zero alcohol during the week and kept it to one or two drinks on the weekends if I was hanging with friends or something. I won’t lie, I’m a heavy drinker, and what I found was that alcohol is a huge stumbling block if you’re trying to get fit, because it’s basically a poison so your body will work to get it out of your system instead of burning your food calories. If you’re not burning calories, they get stored as fat. So cutting out alcohol really made a huge difference in both how I feel and how much weight I lost. It was a discipline exercise for me as well. I had to really focus in order not to have my evening glass of wine or whiskey, and when out with friends it took a lot of willpower to stop at two. I wasn’t perfect every time, but I proved to myself that I could exert control over this part of my life if I wanted to.

So I’m pretty happy with the results. The key for me is going to be keeping up the consistency. I have a few more pounds I want to lose to get my stomach as flat as I can, but then it will be about maintenance. That doesn’t make it any easier really, I will still need to workout every day but I’ll be able to take in a more calories a day.

Well, I hope this gives a little insight into losing weight. Sign up for and add me as a friend (username: danapellerin) so we can all push each other on!