Dreary Days

It’s raining here in Fresno and that’s a good thing. We only get something like 10 inches of rain a year, so when it does come down, we don’t complain about it. It kind of sets a tone though for how the last month or so has been.

I saw my family back in December and while it was a good visit, I’m reminded at how many challenges they have. Years of drug abuse, and lack of strong leadership have left our family with a lot of problems. I don’t want to get too personal here and start spilling crap about my family, but there’s so much disfunction it’s not even funny. I love my family, but I’m glad I don’t live close enough to get sucked into all the garbage.

The other thing that’s been kind of sucky is just that I haven’t been to church or bible study in over a month. I think that’s having a big effect on me. On one hand, church is different for me now. I think having my wife work there and having to hear all the back end stuff that happens on a day to day basis is really getting me down. When I go on Sunday it’s hard to concentrate. Maybe I should start going to a different church just so I can focus again. lol.

Anyway, on an up note, the post Christmas Detox is going pretty good. Have to work back up to daily workouts again and get back to eating right. My weigh in is tomorrow and I expect at least 3 pounds, maybe 4 lost. So that’s a good start. If I can keep that up, I’ll be down to 200 in 30 days with no problems.

Still trying to figure out where my Epic Ride 2012 will be going as well. Thinking Sturgis, but then again, the ride there is going to be awful. Flat and boring. It would be cool just to be able to say I went to Sturgis, but it doesn’t seem like a great ride. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just do a long tour through Northern Cali and southern Oregon. Last time I was up there, there was a ton of stuff I wanted to see but didn’t have time. I think I need more of a leisurely adventure this year instead of doing 500 miles a day.

Well, that’s all that’s going on. Peace.