Post Christmas Detox 2012 Edition

I hate the holidays. Without fail I gain at least 10lbs, then I have to spend the rest of the winter trying to burn it off. The winter is the worst time to try and lose weight too because it’s cold and honestly, I could just hibernate all winter. I don’t want to get sweaty and stuff. I just want to climb in bed and stay there until April.

But I can’t let that happen. So it’s time for my annual Post Christmas Detox. I looked up my blog post from last year and at this time I was 209.5. This year I’m at a grotesque 213. I have my work cut out for me for sure.

So why am I so much heavier this year? Well, I think it’s because I made a mistake in November with my workouts. I listened too much to young guys who work out twice a day and started using a high calorie protein shake thinking I could build more muscle. And I could have built more muscle if I worked out twice as much as I normally do. But that’s simply not possible without giving up the rest of my life, so basically I gained weight and never turned it into muscle. Add on the usual holiday feasts, a week spent in Nashville eating my mom’s home cooked meals three times a day, and a week of being sick, and well…. here I am.

So enough excuses. What’s the recovery plan? Well starting yesterday I go back to healthy clean foods. Vegetables, fruit, rice, and whole grains. Secondly, I’m going to get back to working out. An hour a day at least 5 days a week. I’m also going to try and ride my bicycle one day a week depending on the weather. Lastly, I’m cutting back on the alcohol. No beer. Period. I’ll allow one small glass of red wine in the evening with dinner.

So, today I’m at 213, I plan to be back to 200 in 30 days. Let’s do this!