New Years Follow Up

So yesterday I posted my new years resolutions and already went about making some of them happen. I’m posting about it mainly because I want to get back to blogging, and also because I think it helps to build accountability when you actually write something down. Sometime in the future, I’ll look back on this post and either be reminded of a horrible failure, or be proud that I kept taking steps forward.

Yesterday I went out and did some shopping in order to proceed with my resolutions. First I bought a new set of strings for my guitar. I came home and strung her up and she sounds mighty fat let me tell you. There’s still a slight buzz in the jack, but I’ll fix that later. I fired up the computer and laid down an idea that was floating around in my fat skull. Three guitar tracks and a drum track later, it was sounding pretty cool. It’s still just a riff, but it’s inspiring. I also downloaded the EverNote app and started making notes of riffs and stuff as they come into my head. I already have some more stuff to work on.

I bought some cool ink pens and a sketch book as well. I started sketching yesterday and finished one, and started a new one this morning. My goal is to sketch something every single day. It doesn’t really matter what it is, it’s just gotta be something. That way I can experiment with techniques and get my chops back up without stressing over the result. honestly, it felt good to do some drawing. A bit frustrating because I don’t like to suck at stuff and I definitely suck right now, but I can feel it coming back quickly. My ultimate goal is to come up with a dozen or so t-shirt designs and start my clothing company. We’ll see how I progress.

So I’m off to a good start. I’ll check in and post some songs and drawings once I feel comfortable enough with them.