Happy New Year 2012!

Well it’s that time of year when everyone comes up with a bunch of junk that they want to do in the new year that they should have been doing anyway. Normally I forgo these resolutions because they only last about a day and a half anyway. This year I’m going to break down and make some resolutions. Why? Because I feel like it, and it’s my blog. How’s that?

Seriously though, I feel like I’m just surviving lately. I’m kind of walking through life and not really doing anything cool. I sit in front of the TV or computer and just watch what everyone else is creating and it sucks. So 2012 is going to be about stripping out the noise and creating instead of just consuming.

Therefore, here are my 2012 New Years resolutions:

1.  Spend less time consuming. Didn’t I just say that? I’ve already started this one by making this blog post, killing my twitter account and killing my Google + account. I’ve also deleted about a dozen “friends” from Facebook.

2. Create music. Bob from SOS and I are going to write some tunes and today I’m going to re-string and re-wire my guitar and start recording ideas again. I was listening to some old stuff Frank and I did with Smoke This and I really dug it. I have a lot of ideas, I just need to get them on tape.

3. Create art. I haven’t done any serious sketching in decades. I’ve been kicking around starting my own clothing company but I’m not happy with other people’s art. So I think I need to just put in the time and make my own. I’m gonna do it.

4. This is a professional resolution. I’m going to earn my first certificate on my way to becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer. Here’s why; I’m getting old. The young guys coming up have time to spend doing open source stuff and living for code. I don’t. I have a family, a house to keep up, and other hobbies that bring me joy. Also, I don’t really fit in with the new brand of coder. I don’t like fancy coffee, or listen to John Mayer and I don’t really like talking about coding (or any technology) socially. What I do know is that I have 20 years of corporate IT experience. I think this certification will bolster that experience and also give me a much needed skills and confidence boost.

So there you have it. It’s all about creating and being productive this year. Yes there’s the usual stuff like keeping in shape and continuing to foster my relationship with God, which is not trivial, but i’ve already managed to work those things into my life. I don’t need a resolution to continue them.

I hope everyone has a productive and exciting 2012! God Bless!