America’s Quirks

Came across a great discussion on the web where foreigners were asked to post about the things that they noticed were unique about America. There’s a lot of great points made. Some embarrass me, but most make me happy I’m American.

A few things I found interesting though; Many people pointed out that they were shocked that Christianity is so ingrained into our culture and how open we are to talking about our faith. In the same breath they would voice amazement at how plentiful everything is here. Don’t see a connection?

I also thought it was funny that people were amazed at how great the customer service is in general, but then were dismayed that tipping is expected. Again, don’t you think these things are related?

I also found it interesting that foreigners were shocked at how worried we are about being able to afford healthcare. That’s disconcerting to me. Definitely a black eye for the US.

I think it’s fun though to see our quirks through the eyes of visitors. Check out the forum at the link below. The site is kind of clunky and hard to read, but it’s very interesting.