Wow, it’s been a whole month since I’ve posted here. Honestly, I’m really starting to wonder if personal blogs are worth anything anymore, with Facebook so popular. I don’t know hardly anyone that has a personal blog that they actually keep up with anymore. That said, I’m going to post today anyway.

Life has been pleasingly mellow lately. Since I stepped down from the worship team at church, it’s freed up a lot of my time. A two day commitment to play at church really means at least 4 days of playing when you take into account personal and band rehearsals. So that’s been nice having that time back. Though at the same time I’ve been wondering where I will serve next. I don’t think I can just go through life living all for me again after serving for so long. I do the occasional Yerxa band gig. I do the tutoring thing on Wednesdays and that’s cool but honestly, I don’t think it’s where I really belong. So I guess I’ll keep praying and seeing where God leads me. I’m feeling it needs to be music, but there’s really nothing really tugging on me right now. Maybe time off is the thing I actually need right now.

I’ve been enjoying that time off that’s for sure. One thing I’ve really gotten into lately, and I don’t know if this is just an age thing, but I love working in my garage. I never thought I’d say that, especially 10 or 15 years ago when I was a “rock star” playing in a bar band three nights a week. But I find that being out there and tinkering on stuff is really relaxing and satisfying. So much so that I bought another motorcycle a few weeks ago just so I’d have something to work on.

This weekend I built a new workbench from some scrap I had laying around the garage and then got a storage unit so I could move some stuff out and make some room. I organized the whole place and now I’m ready to get down to some serious motorcycle tinkering! It’s going to be awesome.

Of course now I feel just like my dad, which makes me cringe since i’ve always been a bit rebellious when it comes to anything about my old man, but I think it’s inevitable that we become our parents to some degree as we age. Hopefully I’ve only inherited his good points. LOL.

Anyway, the new bike is bad ass. It’s a 1984 Kawasaki KZ700. I bought it for $350. Yes, it’s basically a jalopy. But the motor is in good shape and that’s the key. I started taking the carburetors apart this weekend and holy crap they are a disaster. the rest of the bike is pretty much a filthy rust bucket. But the great thing about old machines is that they can be restored, and usually for not a boatload of money if you’re willing to put in the work.

When I bought it, I decided I would give myself at least a year to fix it up. Just work on it a bit here and a bit there. But now that I’ve started taking it apart and making an inventory of what needs to be done, it may be more like two years. Whatever it takes though, I’m not going to rush it. I bought the bike in order to make something awesome out of something that has been neglected, and so it’s the process of the restoration that is the exciting part, not so much having another motorcycle.

I’ll be posting updates as I make progress.