The fireplace upgrade project: Complete!

What started off as a project at should have only taken a few weekends has stretched into about 6 months, but after a four day holiday weekend, it’s finally done!

The project is our fireplace upgrade. Our fireplace was still as it was when we bought our house 16 years ago. Gold trip on the doors, crappy tile surround, and a flat tile hearth. Not bad way back en, but clearly dated today. So Michelle designed a new one, and I put it in with her help.

It shouldn’t have take so long, but after finished in the hearth, I just dreaded actually putting it in. Moving a 200lb slab of concrete and laying it in place is not easy and I had to do some research to find out how to deal with a nasty crack in our foundation. That and summer vacations, etc, just pushed us way behind. But with time this weekend, and some help from my friends, We finally laid that sucker in place. Tiling the surround was fairly easy ands we knocked that out quickly.

So it’s finally done and i have to say I’m thrilled with the result. And the fact that we designed, built and installed the whole thing ourselves makes me very pleased with the outcome.

Here’s a phot of the before and after, and here’s a link to a photo gallery detailing the entire process from start to finish.