Cool Kickstarter Projects

Just a quick note to share a few Kickstarter projects. If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a site where creative people can start projects and ask for funding from folks on the internet. My first funding experiment, The Funklet, finished recently and I got my book of beats and it was outstanding. So I’m funding a few more projects I think are cool.

First, The 52 Cameras Project. Everyone with a smart phone has head about Instagram, the app that makes digital photos look like they were taken with cameras from the 70’s. It’s hugely popular. Well, photographer Jodi Bates has 52 old cameras and is taking pictures with each of them to create a book. Her photos are on Flickr and so far it’s pretty fantastic. She’s only $150 away from her funding goal, so go on over and drop her a few bucks and let’s see this book become a reality.

The second project is called Highway Child, and it’s going to be an art film set in the motorcycle culture of the 70’s. This one looks really cool. Everyone knows I’m a biker, and I just love the idea of this movie. I can’t wait to see it made. If you like bikes as much as I do, head on over and help them get this movie made.

Check out some of the other projects on Kickstarter as well. There’s a boatload of creative ideas out there folks, just waiting to become reality.