You know what? It’s been one crappy day.

Got up this morning and went to work on my bike which broke down two weeks ago. Cost me $350 to fix, but that’s about $200 less than the shop would have charged me to do it. Thank God for the internet. I couldn’t imagine trying to fix my own motorcycle by just winging it. Anyway, I got the damn thing fixed. Turns out the stator, which generates power to recharge the battery completely melted down. It was bad, man. Melted wires, plastic bits everywhere, nasty. But it’s all back together now and running great so that’s an upside.

But the bad thing about working on anything is that you always realize you need more tools. I made three trips to the store and spent another $100 today on just tools and supplies. It just never ends. I’ll use those supplies eventually, but damn, I could have made much better use of that money this month.

Anyway, so I’m trying to put my bike back together and having a heck of a time fishing the wires back up through the bowels of the machine and Deanna comes out and says our cat is acting weird. Now, this cat is 16 years old, so weird is pretty normal. This time however she’d gone off the deep end and was eating her hair and staggering around and stuff. So the girls finally came to the realization that I came to months ago, and took her to the vet to be put down.

Now I understand about people’s attachment to animals. I really do. However, I don’t personally have any such attachments, thank God. To me, animals are like chemical based robots, and when they start to malfunction you just dispose of them. Cold? Yes, probably, but that’s me.

Anyway, that was a nasty experience and even though I don’t really care much for the cat, I do care very much for my girls and so it put me in kind of a funk to see them sad.

Then, as if the day had not been eventful enough, I played drums at church and totally beefed the last song. Beefed it Bad. And you know, I can take a lot of crap and let it slide, but beefing a song on stage is just agony to me.

So today kind of sucked. Tomorrow has got to be better, right?