Getting Healthy

I’ve been wanting to do a post like this for a while, because I think it’s interesting to look back over time and see progress happen.

This is a picture of me back when I was 30’ish. I was closing in on 230 pounds. I was a fat ass, let’s just call it what it is. I ate whatever I wanted, I did not exercise one bit. And my body showed it. I don’t think I could have done any of the things I do today such as hiking or bicycling, but then again I never tried so I really don’t know.

My dad and I had a conversation a while back about healthy eating. I had mentioned a book called What the Bible Says About Healthy Living to my mom and since she loves anything that discusses God’s word, she said she wanted to read it. My dad immediately started ribbing me because he’s 70 and eats whatever he wants and the author of the book died in his 60’s. And it struck me that that’s how people view life in today’s society. It’s all about staying alive, not really about living our lives in the way God designed us.

When I first decided to get in shape, I had no idea about God’s design or whatever. I was just done with being fat and tired. I wasn’t really ready to exercise, but I knew I could control my diet, so I just cut out fast food. Period. Cold turkey. I lost 20lbs from that one single act because even the worst food you make at home is still not as bad as fast food.

After that, I decided to start working out. And it’s funny because it doesn’t really take that much time, just 1 hour a day. I love when people say they don’t have time to workout, yet they never miss an episode of their favorite TV show. At first I did weight lifting and ran a treadmill. And it worked great. I got really thin and very fit. Eventually though I decided I wanted a more rounded, more interesting workout program, so I started P90X to get a good combination of flexibility, strength and cardio capacity. I also started riding bicycles and hiking to mix it up a bit and get outside more.

However, I finally realized that I had to focus even more on my diet. While my appearance was what I wanted, I wasn’t getting enough quality nutrition and my blood test results at the doctor showed that. You see, most of the food we eat today is garbage. It’s full of preservatives and has been processed and stripped of most of it’s God given nutrients in the name of shelf life and profits. So earlier this year I decided to go full on and really focus on eating in the most pure way (God’s designed way) possible in a modern world. We eat almost nothing out of a package. We eat lots of vegetables and fruits, nuts and beans. And what little bread or pasta we have is whole wheat. It’s made a HUGE difference in how I feel. Our next step will be to switch to grass fed beef, organic dairy and free range chicken and I’ll be posting on that subject tomorrow.

This is a picture of me my wife took two days ago. I’m 43 and currently 194lbs. All my blood tests are ideal with the exception of high cholesterol which runs in my family. Darn genetics! But the difference between me now and me 15 years ago is not just in appearance, it’s in quality of life. There’s almost nothing I can’t experience because I’m physically ill-equipped. That’s freedom.

The bottom line in all of this is that I believe God designed this world specifically for us with everything we need to be healthy and happy. I believe He created us to do and be more than simple food receptacles sitting on cushions while bombarding our eyes and ears with imaginary imagery projected from an electric box. Like anything else in life, it just takes a small bit of discipline, and faith that God’s design for us is better than our design for ourselves.