Home Improvement Adventures: Part 3

I think this is part three anyway.

This week Michelle and I removed the form from our concrete hearth we poured last weekend. We were a little panicked to be honest. It’s been such hard (and expensive) work so far and we were totally convinced it was going to be the wrong color. I guess when the concrete dries, some of the pigment floats to the top (which is actually the bottom of the hearth), so we had this really reddish looking, 240lb piece of concrete sitting there and I was dreading that we might have to break it apart, throw it away and start over. However, when we removed the form and turned it over it was the nice brown color we were looking for.

Honestly, I’m pretty amazed it came out looking as good as it does. I’m n0t exactly a handyman or anything. But I’m good at researching and so I knew what to do, I just didn’t know if I was doing it right or not. But it came out pretty awesome. The edges are nice and rounded and the color is good. There’s a few small spots where the concrete did not mix well and flaked apart, but we can fill those in. I think my decision to use a wheelbarrow instead of a real concrete mixer was not a good one. Next time I’ll know. But it’s not bad at all and honestly, the beauty of this type of work is that moderate imperfections add to the texture and character of the piece. That’s why we went this way to begin with. So I’m almost tempted to not even patch the bad spots.

Next weekend, we’ll be wet sanding the hearth to get a nice satin finish on it. Then we’ll paint the fireplace doors to make them look new, and prep the surround for the tile. The following weekend we’ll put it all together and call it done! I’m pretty stoked!