Weekend Wrap-up

So, this weekend was a good one. The weather here is absolutely gorgeous and I had the weekend free so I used the time to hang with some buds and get some chores done.

My California Ale finished last weekend and so my cigar/band buddies came over to rehearse for Tuesday’s Celebrate Recovery gig and then we enjoyed some smokes and some home made beer. It was a good time.

Then on Sunday Michelle and I poured the concrete for our fireplace hearth. I’m telling you that is a NIGHTMARE. Concrete is so hard to work with. It’s just back breaking work. The main lesson of the day; I will never, EVER, try and mix any amount of cement in a wheelbarrow. Forget it man, it’s ridiculously hard. Next time I’m getting a powered mixer, I don’t care how little material I have to mix.

I think the hearth is going to come out pretty good though. And if it doesn’t, I’ve learned enough that I think I can make another one with relative ease. On the other hand, if it turns out great, I’m going to move forward with making countertops for my bathrooms. We’ll know how it came out on Saturday when I bust it out of the mold.