God and Heavy Metal in One Book!

Five years ago Brian “Head” Welch, the guitarist from Korn, left the band at the peak of their popularity and became a Christian. He released a book about his transformation called Save Me From Myself several years ago and now he’s released a new book called Stronger: 40 Days of Metal and Spirituality.

The book is a daily devotional that pairs bible verses with some life lessons learned by Head during his days with Korn and now as a clean and sober Christian. I just went through the first day and it’s pretty cool stuff.

To me it’s Amazing to hear stories of God’s redemptive power and forgiveness. Here’s a guy like Head who’s “living the dream” yet is fully chained by his addictions. He’s freed by the power of God in his life and completely forgiven of some pretty heinous behavior. That’s the power of our God. This book provides a daily reminder of just how powerful and good God is.

Check it out.