Easter Weekend

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful time this Easter and took time to reflect on the miracle and significance of Jesus’ resurrection.

Michelle and I had a great weekend ourselves. We went to Las Vegas for the weekend.

OK, so are you totally judging us right now? Oh yes you are. Deep down, you’re thinking how wrong it is to go to such a sinful place as Las Vegas on the holiest day of the year. Several people have looked at me screwy when I told them of our plans. And honestly, when I first booked the trip I felt the same thing….. and then I got over it.

It’s funny how quickly we can let ourselves get strapped by legalism. The Pharisees were really good at following rules. Many churches have built entire empires based on following certain rule sets. Legalism is how we estimate our closeness to God. It’s how we decide if we’re “OK” and it’s how we know who the “bad” people are. Yet Jesus saved his most scathing rebukes for those who were most strapped by legalism.

And here’s the deal; Until I was 30 the ONLY time I ever went to church was on Easter (and Christmas). So I asked myself; Was I a “better” Christian then? And then I began thinking; Does God keep a scorebook on church attendance? And if he does, is one Easter worth more than 51 regular church services? And if so, how long will it take me to catch up now that I’ve blown off a really important church score day? Do you see how ridiculous this line of thinking becomes?

I think it’s important to remember exactly what God wants from us, and that is a relationship. Jesus didn’t die on the cross so I would remember to go to church once a year on Easter. He died so that our relationship with God could be repaired, and so we should be actively pursuing and enjoying that relationship every single day, not just on popular holidays.