Rob Bell

I like Rob Bell because he torks people. He doesn’t do it on purpose, that would make him a jerk. But he’s the kind of guy that questions things. And that torks people.

Bell just released a new book called Love Wins. The book caused a major rift in the Christian community because in it Bell questions a lot of the current mainstream thinking on subjects like heaven and hell and what happens when we die. You see, in many Christian circles, you’re not really supposed to ask any hard questions, or if you do, you’re not supposed to question the given answer. Many issues have been decided already and you’re kind of just supposed to accept it. When you ask too many questions, people who are supposed to love you, attack you and call you a heretic or call you weak. I suppose their God is not big enough to stand up to a little questioning.

And that’s why I love Rob Bell. Rob Bell is a thinker, a questioner. He’s a conversationalist. He doesn’t come across as some guy who claims to have this god thing all figured out. His style is to propose a thought, back that thought up with biblical evidence, and then ask what you think.

And so I ask, what’s wrong with that? Isn’t God big enough to stand up to a little questioning? Isn’t His truth strong enough to shine through some thoughtful debate? The problem we have today is the same one Jesus had 2000 years ago with the Pharisees. There’s an establishment of guys that have worked very hard to formulate what they believe and build their ministries. A guy like Rob Bell comes along with some questions and they get all uptight. As if everything they’ve worked for is going to come undone. Honestly, I’d question how much God is with you if what you’ve built is that fragile.

At any rate, I liked his book. It’s thought provoking and encouraged me to look at God as someone much bigger than the nice little marketing presentation I get from the mainstream church. I won’t go into a bunch of detail about it here because I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything that Bell is thinking. But that’s what makes the book good. It’s causing me to think deeply about what I believe and why I believe it. It’s causing me to dig into the Bible for myself and either validate or reformulate my thinking. That’s a good thing.

So I say check it out. It’s only $9 on Kindle so if you completely disagree with everything Bell says, it’s not a huge loss.