Saving Money on Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycles are pretty economical most of the time. Insurance is pretty cheap. There is generally less maintenance to do on a bike than there is a car. But one area that is really expensive is tires.

You can easily find car tires for $50 each and often times the shop will put them on for free. This is not the case with motorcycle tires. Tires for my bike run at least $125 can go up to $180 a piece depending on the performance of the tire. Then you have to pay to have them mounted which can run another $60 a tire. So despite the fact that you only have two tires, you easily pay the same as outfitting a car with four tires.

Highway robbery!

Well, in my continual quest to get things done for as cheap as possible. I decided that this time I would change my own darn tire and save the labor fees! Now, on a bike this is not trivial. On my bike you have to remove the pipes and the rear fender to get the wheel off. Then when you put it all back together if has to be aligned perfectly. Luckily for me the internet is a great teacher and I was able to strip the bike apart, take the wheel apart, and get it down to the shop for a new tire with no real problems. Of course I had to buy new tools. Seems I can never do any project without buying new tools. This of course negates my savings, but I figure I’ll make it up with the next tire change, and hey, I have new tools!

I also think it’s cool just to be able to sit down with a beer and a cigar after doing something you thought you couldn’t do and know that you’re not helpless.