Mission of Love 2011

This weekend our church did something really cool. We closed our doors, drove all the way across town to an underprivileged neighborhood, and with the help of a church in the heart of that neighborhood, we all put on a giant church service and block party at an elementary school.

We estimate several thousand people came to hear the word of God in English and Spanish. Over a dozen people expressed their belief in Christ and got baptized right then and there. One of my kids from tutoring class, a sweet little girl named Luz also got baptized. It was an amazing thing to see people being changed forever.

At the block party we put on a huge rummage sale, raising over $1000 that will go to the teachers of the school for school supplies. There were free hot dogs, drinks & popcorn. There were free carnival games with prizes, bounce houses, a cake walk, face painting and free balloons.

The day before, we had several hundred volunteers putting in new plants and cleaning up the school grounds. We installed a new parking lot for teachers. We cleaned and organized thousands of library books.

I share this not to brag. I share it because I feel that this is what the church is about. This is what we’re called to do. We’re called to love each other and serve each other. And it’s simply amazing what can happen when you get a lot of like minded people listening to God’s calling and each giving just a few hours of time and sharing their resources. Big things happen. People come to Christ. The community is improved and strengthened. God moves in a big way.

I can’t wait to see what He does next in that neighborhood.