Rough Week

It’s been a really rough week. It shouldn’t have been. Work is going great. Michelle is getting more hours at her job now. We got a new worship leader at church and the band sounded awesome at rehearsal on Thursday. I’m continuing to get more fit as I weighed in at 193.5lbs on Friday. By all accounts it should have been a dynamite week. However, my mom had a stroke on Monday night and that set the whole week into a tailspin.

I’m in my 40’s now and so my parents are now in their 70’s. This is the period in life where we start losing people, let’s face it. So for the past few years I’ve kind of been mentally preparing myself for the day when I might lose one of my parents. I’m not obsessing over it, just kind of preparing myself. Yet, even though I know we can’t live forever, and I also know that death is not the end if we know God, my mom’s stroke hit me like a ton of bricks.

I don’t even know how to explain it. Maybe a kick to the balls (admittedly a crude description) is the closest thing to what I was feeling. I realized that no matter how much your brain decides that death is just a normal part of life, it apparently does not communicate with the heart much because my heart was aching.

The main thing I learned this week though is that life is nothing without relationships. Even as I was agonizing over the prospect of losing that relationship with my mom, I was encouraged at the outpouring of love and support from the guys in my bible study group. My relationships with them helped to give me confidence in the power and grace of God, but also confidence that were she to pass, I would not have to deal with it by myself. That is so comforting.

Thank God I did not have to go through that though. My mom recovered with relatively little damage from the stroke. She’s still in poor health. But at least for the moment, her conditions are being managed, she’s in good spirits, and we’ll get to spend more days with her.

God is good.

Ecclesiastes 4:7-12