Valentine’s Day, Schmalentine’s Day!

Caution: Bitter post ahead! (You have been warned)

Valentine’s Day is probably the worst holiday of the year. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s just the rebel in me. I’m a very organized and disciplined person, but I have a real rebellious streak in me that says I don’t want anyone imposing false expectations on me.

That’s exactly what Valentine’s Day is. It’s a holiday invented specifically to guilt men into spending money. If we don’t spend at all, we’re implying that we don’t love our women. If we don’t spend enough, or spend less than the next guy, we are bumbling, heartless cavemen, woefully out of touch with our woman’s feelings.

It bugs me too because women aren’t held to the same standard. Women spend HALF of what men spend on this day and nobody would dare question their commitment. Why? Because women are inherently good and smart and men are inherently bad and stupid. Watch the daytime TV commercials and you will see this is true.

I also hate how women at this time love to show off their giant bouquet’s of flowers and balloons. “Oh look how much my boyfriend/husband loves me”. Please. This coincidentally also happens to be the same gal who either is constantly fighting with their man, or who has a new relationship at least once a year.

Us men propagate this holiday of commercialism though because some of us really are heartless clods. Because we fail to take care of our women on a daily basis we are forced to try and make up for it on stupid holidays by buying trashy plastic balloons and expensive flowers that last about three days.

The other side of the coin is that many of us simply love to choose women who would prefer shiny things they can show of to their girlfriends rather than having a man who’s companionship they truly desire.

Yes, this is a very bitter post, isn’t it? LOL

Anyway, you guys can go spend all the money you want on this fake holiday. My wife of 22 years and I will celebrate Valentine’s Day just like we celebrate every single day together. We’ll cook dinner together, we’ll talk, share a glass of wine, maybe cozy up on the couch and watch a movie together. But one thing is for sure; We’ll save a butt load of money on cards, flowers and balloons.