Healthy Living

I’ve been on my post-Christmas detox for about 7 weeks now. Actually, I’m not calling it a detox anymore, it’s now just part of my daily routine. I’ve lost 13 pounds so far and feel fantastic. I’m lifting weights 3 times a week and doing cardio 2 or 3 times a week.

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading lately on nutrition and things though and while I thought I was always eating pretty well, I’m finding that it’s really hard to eat the way God intended for us to eat in America. Most of the food on the grocery store shelves has been processes (altered) to improve shelf life (and therefore corporate profits), yet these processes also strip out the nutritious parts of the foods. The result is that we’re no longer eating food the way God created it and as a result, we’re getting fat and unhealthy.

What really crystallized this for me was when I began to read Tony Horton’s book called “Bring It!“. Tony is the next Jack LaLanne and has a lot to say about food and exercise in his book. He talks a lot about eating food the way it comes out of the ground. So I started doing some research for myself. That’s when I found the information on wheat and how white flour is basically wheat with all the good parts removed to increase shelf life. I also discovered a lot about how we raise beef in this country and how we feed cows food they weren’t designed to eat and pump them full of unnatural hormones and anti-biotics in order to increase yield.

And so I started thinking about why we do this. It’s not because we have to increase yield to feed the masses. There are people starving all over the world. The real reason is to increase profits. Corporations are feeding us junk because it’s more profitable, plain and simple.

All this brought up two questions in my mind. The first is “What would God think of the way our society approaches food?”. The second is “Would God approve of how we’re taking care of our bodies?”.

The first question is a larger question and I don’t have space to get into it here. But the fact is, we’re producing MASSIVE amounts of food. It’s being created to stuff the stomachs of Americans while people elsewhere go hungry. And the result is that our gluttony is making us extremely unhealthy. I’ve been listening to Proverbs on my iPhone and there’s a lot of warnings in there about the rich getting fat while ignoring the needs of the poor. If ever I saw a reflection of modern America in scripture, it’s in the early Proverbs.

The other question though has to deal with personal responsibility. And so to look into what God has to say about that, I bought a book called “What the Bible Says About Healthy Living”. In it the author, who is a Christian doctor, talks about what God has created for us and what His commands are with regards to taking care of ourselves. To me it’s absolutely fascinating because now that science is discovering how badly we’re screwing up our food supply, it becomes clear that God already told us how to eat and live thousands of years ago and he’s already provided us with everything we need. We have simply been too arrogant to listen, and that’s why we’re facing an epidemic of obesity and the conditions that go along with it in this country.

I would just suggest that everyone read the two books I listed here, especially Christians because we are called to set the example. “Bring it!” will tell you what to do to be healthy. “What the Bible Says About Healthy Living” will tell you why you should do those things from both a scientific and spiritual perspective.