Rocking Sunday

It’s been an outstanding day I must say. No, not because my favorite football team won the playoffs… I actually have no favorite football team and haven’t watched a game in probably 5 years. No, today I got to jam with the best band of musicians I think I have ever played with. The Avenue.

We led worship at Northpointe church today and it was outstanding. Im going to dote on my band today because I am truly blessed to be a part of this project.

Tim is a truly gifted keyboardist and his wife Jill has a voice like an angel. That’s no B.S., this girl can sing. My long time buddy Frankie is a monster on guitar as is our friend Paul from Northpointe. Our leader Paul Haugen is truly a great frontman, and Chris is without a doubt the best bass player I’ve ever had the pleasure of jamming with. The dude is almost a part of me when we play, and that’s how drummers and bass players should be. It was a fantastic gig.

They actually recorded our performance and as soon as I get a copy, I’ll be posting it here for download. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

The real kicker though is that everyone is just so low key and cool to hang with. We’re all here for one reason; to worship and give glory to God, and so with ego and greed removed, it’s just a pure joy to jam with these folks.

So it’s been an outstanding weekend and I can’t wait to do it again.