Post Christmas Detox Update 3: With Charts!

Alright so my last post voiced my disappointment with my diet progress. Today I’m going to show you a chart of what’s been going on and share some of my observations on how diets work and don’t work. So let’s get straight to the chart!

Alright so the chart shows some interesting things. First off, it’s showing that I’m making progress which is awesome. Again, not as fast as advertised, but it is working. Second, you can see some humps where I lost progress. Jan 4 was a hard day. That’s the day I got really hungry and ate a whole large pizza by myself. The other humps were times we went out to dinner with friends.

So you can see that if you do go out and splurge, you will basically lose a few days of progress. So I would recommend against eating a large pizza, but I also think you do need to go out and get some real food because eating rice and veggies every single day gets old real fast. Just try and eat less. Share a plate with somebody or take half home and eat it later.

OK, the last thing to note is that it does get easier as time goes on. After the initial week and my pizza incident, the ups and downs are less drastic. There is one day where I lost a lot of weight and that day was a busy one so I just didn’t eat much and I worked out twice.

Your body also naturally fluctuates so daily weigh-in’s aren’t exactly accurate. So I figure it’s best to throw out the spikes and dips and average everything out. When I do that, it turns out I’m exactly on pace to lose 10 pounds by Feb 1. So I’m feeling pretty good about that.

By the way, the chart comes from They have a diet and exercise tracker there for free which is pretty darn cool. So if you’re dieting, check it out.