Post Christmas Detox Update

Well, three weeks ago I started what I call my Post Christmas Detox to burn off all the nastiness I gained around my middle during the Thanksgiving to Christmas stretch. My plan consists of the P90X workout plus the Extreme Fat Smash Diet. My goal was to lose 10 pounds by February 1st.

So far, I’m a little disappointed. The diet claims a weight loss of 12lbs in three weeks and I’m down 4.5lbs. Not exactly working as advertised. Now, I’m going to be honest, I’ve broken my diet a few times and went out to dinner with friends. But I don’t think one “bad” meal in 7 days should stunt your progress so drastically. No, I think the real culprit is false expectations created by broad generalizations in the medical world.

For instance, the experts say a man my size should weigh about 188lbs. I’ve been down to 190 about 10 years ago and honestly, I felt like I was going to wither and die. I just felt wasted all the time. BMI numbers are broad generalizations and in my mind, completely useless. Also, they say I can take in 3500 calories a day without gaining weight. Therefore if I cut back to 1000 calories a day (which I have) I should lose 2500 calories a day which comes down to a weight loss of 5lbs a week. Well friends, my body just doesn’t work that way. If I were to eat 3500 calories a day, I’d be a freaking TUB. During my normal non-holiday life I would say I take in about 2000 calories a day and that keeps me where I am. So I think my metabolism is just not what the textbooks say it should be and that’s why 1000 calories a day isn’t showing the results they promise.

But I’m not making excuses here. The fact is, I am losing weight, just more slowly than predicted. And I already feel TONS better just being back to regular workouts and eating healthy foods. I really do feel stronger and more energetic. So the plan is working. I don’t know if I’ll reach my goal by my planned date, but I will reach it and I plan on staying on this diet until I do. Then I’ll go into a maintenance mode to stay steady at 200.

I will say one thing about this diet. It’s not as hard as other diets I’ve been on. We eat a lot of food, and it’s all high volume, low calorie foods, so I’m not hungry. But I will say that it’s very bland at times. It’s mostly veggies and rice, which gets old really quickly, and I am really sick of eating carrots all the time. However, it’s designed to be a short term diet so I can stick it out for another 4 weeks or so and then it will feel good to get back to a reasonable diet like the Body for Life, or maybe I’ll continue this one but utilize some of the more flavorful recipes in maintenance section of the book.

At any rate, I’m 4.5lbs down and I have 5 more to go!