Post Christmas Detox!

Well I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. We sure did. We decided to keep it low key this year since the month leading up to Christmas was extra busy. So we made a pact not to buy any Christmas gifts for each other this year (which Michelle completely voided by buying me a pair of mechanics gloves) and we just had a nice quiet Christmas day with just the three of us. Deanna’s boyfriend stopped in for dinner though and that was cool.

So now that Thanksgiving and Christmas are out of the way and all the cookies and pies and crap are done with, I can get back to normal eating. They say that every year people put on a few pounds during the season. I read recently that it’s not as bad as you would think; only a pound or two extra during this time. However, since Americans don’t exercise those pounds never drop off and so over the years we turn into fatties. One look at the people at the mall will tell you this is absolutely true. I have no problem growing old, but I have a huge problem with growing fat and unhealthy.

So this year I’m doing something about it and taking drastic measures to burn off the weight of at least the last four holiday seasons. Michelle and I normally eat pretty good and so I don’t think we need a huge shift in our diet. So I’m going to do a 30 day crash diet to lose at least 10 pounds and then make some minor modifications to my daily diet to maintain that.

The diet I’m using is called The Extreme Fat Smash Diet. It’s by the doctor from the TV show Celebrity Fit Club. What I like about this diet, is that it’s no B.S., no gimmicks, no tricks. It comes down to eating the right foods, with the right portion size, and exercising daily. In fact, you really don’t even need a book to do this diet, but one thing that books do is help show you what a portion really looks like (American portions are about 3 times bigger than they should be), remind you of what foods are bad for you if you’re trying to slim down, and make you realize how little we actually exercise.

So I’m off on my 30 day adventure! My starting weight is 209.5 lbs. My goal is 200 lbs even by January 31st. However, this diet claims that you can lose 12 to 15 pounds in four weeks, so I may get down to 195 lbs which would be fantastic, but I’m trying to be conservative. I’ll also be doing P90X for my workout routine and I’ll be using to track my progress. It’s going to be tough, but I’m determined. I’ll post once a week to give some visibility to my progress.