The 50’s According to Advertising.

I think you can tell a lot about a society by the advertising. Watch any episode of Judge Judy and all you will see is community college and lawyer commercials? Why? Because the research companies know that most people who are sitting home at 2 in the afternoon are unemployed and probably want to sue somebody for some spare cash. That’s my theory.

So I’ve been checking out this blog called Vintage Ads which is nothing more that scans of old advertising campaigns from the past. Most of them are from the late 50’s and early 60’s since that was really the heyday of american advertising.

So here’s what I’ve learned about American life in the 50’s from their advertising.

American women were LAZY! They didn’t work, yet they had to have all kinds of fancy kitchen gadgets to help them be more efficient. Efficient at WHAT? Sitting on their butts? Now I would think that raising kids kept them busy but many of them had servants, so what could be keeping them so busy all day long? According to the ads the machines would free a woman up to do so many other things but never explain what those things are. Maybe they just sat around all day primping themselves for when their husbands came home?

Now they did make dinner, we do know that. A man had to eat after all. So that could take some time. But then again, people didn’t eat anything unless it came from a can and all dishes were either casseroles or “loafs”. What’s a “loaf” you ask? It’s ground up something-or-other shaped into the form of a giant elephant turd. That’s exactly what a loaf is. And apparently it was delicious though I’m doubtful about the healthy benefits of only eating food that has been pulverized, filled with preservatives and compressed into small tin containers.

One good thing I’ve learned about the 50’s is that women were hot. They always wore dresses and had thier hair and makeup perfect, even when washing dishes or doing number 2, which they never did. Oh, and all women in the 50’s were blonde and had measurements of exactly 36″- 26″- 36″. Wow, life was grand.

So what about men? Well, men smoked a LOT and drank whiskey and wore suits and drove fancy cars to “the office” where they did “business”. That’s all we know about men of the 50’s.

So there you have it. I’m going to leave you with a brilliant image from Look at that chicken loaf. Put a chicken in a can and let the juices gel up around it. Oh yummy.