So Much Stuff

I’ve not blogged a lot lately. I was going to write about how busy I am, blah blah blah. But honestly, I just haven’t felt like blogging. I’ve been doing a lot of deep thinking but I haven’t made the decision to take the time go put my thoughts together in a presentable format. So this is going to be a kind of catch up post.

First off let’s talk music. I bought Ozzy Osbourne’s new album a few weeks ago. Now honestly, I’m not a huge Ozzy fan lately. Since he’s become a “reality” show poster boy, I’ve been a little turned off to his music. However, the new album is exceptionally strong. With new guitarist Gus G., Ozzy is once again on the cutting edge of metal. This album is heavy, melodic, and furious, and after several years of cliche garbage, Ozzy is back with some serous metal. Gus G. Is a monster and really brings some fresh blood to Ozzy’s writing. Great album.

Speaking of Ozzy, his last guitarist Zakk Wylde has a new album and it is outstanding. Sometimes great artists just need to explore things on their own terms, and so Zakk’s album while not ground breaking, is fantastically heavy and vicious, with wicked solos and beautifully melodic choruses which make it really stand out among his recent releases.

I’ve also bought The new album by Disturbed, which is a shredder as well. Again, it’s nothing ground breaking, but it holds true to their style and is immensely enjoyable.

I wish I could say the same for Linkin Park’s new disc which I just wasted $15 hard earned dollars on. It’s not so much that it sucks as it is just so different and experimental compared to the previous albums. I understand the need for bands to branch out and explore different musical styles, but do that in a side project, where people expect something odd. Don’t bilk your dedicated fans so you can indulge yourselves. This album is nothing more than a keyboard/sampler geek fest and I’m pissed that I spent my money on something I just can’t listen to.

OK so let’s move on to another favorite subject of mine; beer. We went to a beer festival in the Tower District today and it was awesome. So many great beers being brewed right here in the valley! I think the stand out for me was the red ale from Three Monkeys Brewing. It was darker than a traditional red and had a little taste of maple syrup on the finish. It was truly unique and delicious.

I’m getting ready to start my third batch of my own American Biker Pale Ale myself tonight and I feel really good about this third iteration of my own recipe. Home brewing has been a really cool experience and I’m having tons of fun making and drinking my own beer.

So my last subject of this Frankenstein post is Las Vegas Bikefest! I’m so excited about this ride that I can barely contain myself. I’m so looking forward to four days of riding, hanging out with other bikers, looking at custom bikes, drinking great beers, and most of all spending time with my girl, Michelle. It’s going to be an outstanding weekend.

Alright so tests about all I have today. I hope everyone is having a killer Sunday. Peace out yo.

Update: Sorry for the lousy spelling if you read this post yesterday. It’s hard typing on an iPad.