What am I thinking?

I’m about to start on a new adventure. A new challenge. Something scary as all get out.

I’m going to tutor grade school kids on the “economically challenged” side of town once a week after work.

I’m not really exaggerating when I say this scares me. I have no idea how to tutor kids. I mean, I think I know more than your average 3rd grader… but then sometimes I’m not so sure! And I have a feeling I have no idea what I’m getting into. But I’m taking this on for a few reasons.

First, I’m needed. The gal who heads up the after school tutoring program down in south-east Fresno is swamped. She has exactly two volunteers yet she runs this program 4 days a week and at times has nearly 30 kids. That’s insane.

Second, I can show up. These kids need guidance, they need somebody reliable to just be in their lives. Somebody to just show up and put in a little time. I might not be some super qualified teacher, but I can certainly show up on a regular basis and put in the time to help with some homework. And lack of consistency with these kids is 90% of the problem.

So I’m gonna take this on and I’m really only posting this so when I get the urge to chicken out, I can look back at this blog and remind myself that it’s important and I gotta go.

As I get a few weeks into the program I’ll be posting about my experiences. Stay tuned….