The Avenue

Tonight I played for The Avenue at their CD release concert and it was pretty outstanding. Full house. Good energy. The band really locked it in. Good times.

The high point of tonight was just that we played so well together. I felt good about the tempos and the intros and outros (always the hardest part for a drummer, well for me anyway), my wrists were in good shape with my new drum layout, and it felt like the crowd really dug it.

The only downside was that I had to do a little 8 bar solo and I felt it came out like trash. I’ve never liked soloing. Honestly, I’ve never even like listening to drum solos. I’ve always loved just laying down some fatness for the band. That’s what I do. It’s the entirety of the song that matters, not the drums as a solo instrument, so I was disappointed in my solo. The rest kicked butt though, so I suppose I can look past those 8 bars.

It’s been a cool project to be involved in though. Paul started fleshing out some of these songs almost two years ago. Everyone involved gave a lot of hours putting these songs together, giving input, coming up with parts, demoing them, eventually recording them, then rehearsing for the show, and finally getting to play them live.

And so I’m kind of sad that my involvement with the project is finished. Recently I’ve been thinking of just hanging up the drums altogether. I’ve been doing this for a long freaking time. I’m developing arthritis in my wrists and it’s gotten kind of routine… not boring or unsatisfying, just kind of “regular”… just learning other people’s songs and playing for 15 minutes at the beginning of a church service. But this little project has made me realize that I love playing and I especially love playing original songs.

My wife would never let me sell my drums anyway. She’s knows me too well to think I would just stop playing. Something would eventually come along to spark my interest and I’d be buying a new kit again.

So for now, I go back to serving at church. But I think I’m ready to get back into an original project. I’ve been teasing my long time guitarist buddy Frank that we should put together an original blues band and do the car show circuit. Ha! We’ll see what happens. 😉