Epic Ride 2010 Recap: Part 7

Kansas! The land of the Dorothy and Toto! And you know, that movie sucks. I hate those stupid movies where the whole thing ends up being a dream. What’s the point?

Kansas was not nearly as miserable as I expected. It’s not as flat. It’s not as ugly. It is though every bit as boring. Unless you take into account the little town that touts the worlds largest prairie dog, which I suspect is an actual dog, or maybe a cow, then it’s a barn full o’ fun!!

The eastern part of Kansas is actually quite pretty. Basically rolling green hills for miles and miles. The western part is flat as a pancake and is nothing but corn fields. Still, I liked it. But then again, I love farmland. To me farmland means hard work, simple values, and great food. Plain and simple.

We stayed the night in a little town and then the next day we ventured into Colorado and the Rocky mountains. Now, the first thing you hit when you roll into Colorado from the east is Denver and folks, I was not impressed. Denver is not a mountain town, in fact it’s a lot like Fresno in that it’s as flat as a pancake and sits at the base of a mountain range. It’s not as hot as Fresno though, but every bit as smoggy.

So we blazed through Denver and into the mountains and the return trip suddenly got really enjoyable again. The Rocky’s are full of super fancy resorts and snow capped mountains. It’s also the home of Buffalo Bill’s grave! We had to stop and check it out since I had heard of Buffalo Bill but I really had no idea who he was. Turns out he was a buffalo hunter, surprised? He went on to become a scout for the army at the time when they were busy kicking the indians off their land. After that he went into show business and started a traveling circus and wild-west show. he was pretty successful, but made some sour choices along the way and ended up dying fairly broke, but hey, I bet he had a lot of great stories to tell.

As we headed west we cut through this fantastic canyon, and friends, it was breathtaking. I don’t even know how you build a road through something so rugged. It was amazing. I just wish I could have pulled over and took some pictures. It was the best part of Colorado for me and once again I made a mental note to return some day.

We ended up in Grand Junction which is a neat little town. I was kind of freaked out because the week before I left on our trip I saw a TV show about some dude who murdered his wife in Grand Junction, but as usual, TV is nothing like real life and the people of Grand Junction were super nice. While at the hotel we discovered they had a live band coming in so we retired to the pool area to have our customary beer and cigar and watch the band.

The band was three dudes, told old codgers on harmonica and rhythm guitar and a young kid on lead and they were playing some wicked blues. Man, I thought these guys were awesome. Now that I’m old and out of the club scene, I think I could see myself playing in a band like that. They were just tearing it up and having a great time.

During the breaks they had a young gal come up and play some guitar and sing and she was really good too! 15 years old and she was singing and playing like nobody’s business. She’s going to be really good in 5 years or so. The only downside was when she called her somewhat haggard mom up to sing with her. Now I think it’s great that she has a good relationship with her momma, but please, this is a rock and roll show, not the family sing along hour. Bokay?

Anyway, good times were had by all and we slept like babies as we prepared ourselves for the longest ride day of the trip. 520 miles to Las Vegas Nevada.