Epic Ride 2010 Recap: Part 5

So we were headed to West Virginia which would be the far point of our little journey, however I forgot to mention a few things about arriving at my parents house in Tennessee.

First, it was awesome seeing my mom and dad. They are both turning 70 this year so they are getting up there. My mom has also started having some medical issues so it was just great to throw my arms around both of them and give them big hugs.

My parents crack me up. My mom is the rock and a lifetime Christian. My old man is a grumpy old guy and not ashamed to say exactly what’s on his mind at any given time. I have no idea how they became a couple because their temperaments are so different. All I can gather was that my mom was the sweet, pure girl who fell in love with a bad boy. It’s worked for them. They’ve been married for 50 years now. I hope I someday can say the same.

Now, my friend Jennifer asked me if we saw any vampires while on the road, so I have to share this little story. My parents have two spare rooms that my nieces were sleeping in when they lived there. By the luck of the draw Robert got the bedroom the youngest one had been using before she went to live with her dad. That room happened to be plastered with Twilight and Justin Beiber posters. So yes Jennifer, Robert did see some vampires. I’m sure he’s still seeing them in his dreams.

Alright so the road to West Virginia cuts through the western corner of Virginia which butts up to the Atlantic so that qualifies us for having travelled from one end of the country to the other!!! Woo hoo! We pulled into Lewisburg feeling very accomplished!! How many people can say they left the couch long enough to venture all the way across the country? And do it on a motorcycle no less? Yes, we rock.

OK enough bragging. The scenery in the Virginias is among the most beautiful we saw on our trip. It’s SO green and the land is packed with trees. You know, if you listen to the environmentalists you would think the entire country is a barren wasteland but that could not be further from the truth. There’s nothing but open land out there, and it’s ALL BEAUTIFUL! We live on the most plush piece of Earth I have ever seen. Even in the middle of coal mining country, the land is breathtakingly beautiful. People, don’t let the media fool you, get out there and see what the world is like for yourself. You will be surprised.

One thing that continually amazed me is how every state but California has impeccably clean rest-stops and Virginia’s were the best. The stuctures were brick and looked like country estates. The grass was perfectly mowed, the stops were bathed in large beautiful trees, nice white wood benches to sit on. It was amazing and actually a pleasure to stop.

The town we stayed at in West Virginia was awesome as well, with quaint little restaurants and pubs, a park with great water features that kids could run through, and a HUGE women’s college that was built over a hundred years ago that was STUNNING. What’s great about this part of the country is that there is history everywhere. We came across a civil war cemetery where 95 confederate soldiers were buried as well as tons of church buildings and houses that had to be standing for over a century.

I was able to visit my sister while in West Virginia as well and that’s really the only reason I was there. For those who don’t know us, my sister is in federal prison. I’d rather not talk about why she’s there on this blog, but I have not seen her in nearly two years and it was fantastic to get to sit with her for a full day and just chat. She looked great and was in great spirits. My sister and I were close in age growing up. Our brothers were already out of the house by the time we hit Jr. high so my sister and I, though we fought like cats and dogs, always had a special connection. I love her dearly and I thank God for the opportunity to visit her, even in less than desirable conditions.

Now I just have to share the fact that according to my sister, the other women in the prison facility were quite smitten with Robert and I. Now, it could just be that they hadn’t seen a man in quite a while, but I prefer to think that I’m just THAT DARN SEXY. Yeah, I just wrote that. Deal with it.

So with our visit done and sightseeing out of the way, we got on the bikes and took the same route back through the Smoky Mountains back to Tennessee. I would have loved to stay and experience more of Virginia but there was just not enough time. Someday I’ll venture back and really soak up all the history back there.