Epic Ride 2010 Recap: Part 4

We left Arkansas and headed for Tennessee. Despite not having any beer in the county where we stayed, Arkansas is a beautiful state. I’m continually amazed at how green so much of the rest of the country is after living in Fresno for the last 20 years.

The ride was an easy one and before we knew it we were coming up on Memphis. Memphis is a huge music town mainly because Elvis is buried here. There’s blues clubs everywhere, the Gibson guitar company has offices here. It sits right on the monstrous Mississippi river (we just don’t have rivers like that in Cali) and as you come over the bridge the first thing you see is a giant pyramid! Yes a pyramid. I have no idea what a pyramid is doing in Memphis but honestly, it’s freaking ugly.

Since we couldn’t have our beer the night before we drove downtown to find a place I looked up on my iPhone; The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium. The place has over 100 beers ON TAP! It was quite phenomenal let me tell you. It was here that I discovered Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, probably one of the greatest beers I’ve ever tasted. Another cool thing about this place was that there were platters (or saucers I guess) all over the walls with people’s names on them. If you drink every single beer they sell, they put your name on a platter and stick it on the wall. That’s something like 250 beers and many people had done it several times over. A few guys had hit the 10x mark! That’s a lot of beer drinking! Since we were only there for an hour I told the gal at the bar I’d give it a shot, but alas they only let you count 3 per day toward your total. Rats.

We left Memphis in good spirits and in a few hours we had reached Nasvhille… right at rush hour. It was HOT, and HUMID, and we were stuck in traffic. It was awful. However, being on a motorcycle has it’s advantages and so I led the way between lanes and began smiling as we passed right by all those poor saps in their big gas gusslers. That did not go over very well and we were starting to get honks and fists waving at us. What the heck is wrong with these people? It’s not my fault they are too lame to ride motorcycles! However, after getting to my parents house and checking the traffic laws, it’s very illegal to split lanes in Tennessee, unlike California. Alright Nashvillains, I will excuse you for being so rude.

We would take the next day off from riding at my parents house in order to rest and also to fix the bikes. I had lost my left grip in Arkansas and Robert had a shorted out taillight. We got up early and made the repairs and then 24 hours later it was back on the bikes. We were heading to West Virginia and the far end of our trip!