I ran across a post this morning by the Fresno Bee’s Donald Munroe and so I thought I’d post my thoughts on Sambo’s as well.

I was born in So-Cal and lived there for my grade school years. That was back in the mid 70’s. What I remember most of all from that time, oddly enough, was the architecture. The buildings were all so “modern” for the times with odd shapes and weird spires and vaults. I remember thinking that we were right on the edge of living in “the future” and any day my dad would buy a hover car and we’d start wearing silver jumpsuits. As you can tell I had a big imagination, fueled by frequent trips to Disneyland no doubt, which was nearly right in our back yard.

Fast forward 35 or so years and well, we’re still not living in “the future” yet. I still don’t have my hover car or my silver jumpsuit. And the futuristic architecture of the 70’s are now dilapidated buildings mostly housing chinese take out joints. But every time I see one of these old buildings it takes me back to those hot So-Cal days and the family dining together at Sambo’s.

Here’s a website that actually has interior and exterior photos of all the old Sambo’s. Enjoy!