Epic Ride 2010: Countdown

Ok, so the Epic Ride of 2010 is almost here and I’ve been running through everything in my head and preparing myself for two weeks on the road. Motorcycling is much more than just hopping on the bike and riding off into the sunset. It really is a physical and mental challenge. Not like a long distance runner or anything like that, but it does take a certain amount of focus and endurance.

Last time Robert and I rode we were gone 5 days and our daily distance covered was not that demanding. This time we’re riding for 13 days and are going to average 450 miles a day. On top of that, it’s going to be HOT as we cross the desert southwest, and hot & humid as we enter the south. And then there’s the fact that I’m spending 16 days, 24 hours a day, with another dude. That alone is enough to make any trip miserable.

This is really all part of the adventure though. My riding partner is a good dude so if he can put up with me, I know we’ll be just fine. The only real things that are worrying me at this point are my health and the health of the bike.

It’s important to eat right while on the road. The wind rushing past you on a bike in 100 degree weather will dry you out in a heartbeat so drinking lots of water is a must. But also it’s important to eat right. Last trip I had chicken fried steak every single day for breakfast. Oh, it was SO GOOD. But I gained 10 pounds and felt like falling asleep every day by lunch. This time my plan is to stick with healthy foods as much as possible. I do plan on enjoying some of the local cuisine. There’s no way in hell I’m going to sit in a Texas steak house and order a tofu burger with sprouts and avocados. But, I’m not also going to do chicken fried steak every day.

I’m also going to try and cut back on the beer. Robert and I have a sort of tradition of having a beer and cigar at the end of each riding day, but I’ll have to limit the brew a bit this trip. It might not be easy. To me, beer is one of the greatest things ever given to us by God. But overdoing it can dehydrate you and cause restless sleep not to mention make you fat as heck. And I do NOT want to be sleepy and facing 400 miles of riding. I kinda don’t want to be fat either.

The health of the bike; well, that I’m just going to have to put in God’s hands. I’ve done all I can do to get the girl ready and now I just have to trust that she’ll take me where I want to go with no troubles. We’re really catching a break with the weather. Looks like the entire way across the desert should see temps below 100°. That’s a huge relief since we’re both riding air cooled bikes.

So that’s about it. I’m going to have trouble sleeping as the ride gets closer. These are exciting times!