Epic Ride 2010: Countdown

I just finished getting the bike ready for the big trip. Oil is changed, cables are lubed, everything is cleaned. As I’m sitting here in my garage in 103 degree heat, smoking an end-of-day cigar and enjoying a home brew, I’m imagining what the trip is going to be like.

Who will we meet? Where will they be from? What stories will they share with us? What will we see along the way? What trials will we face along the way? How will we overcome them? What stories will we come home with?

And in some ways, it goes even deeper. My parents, who we will be visiting, are getting old. Will this be the last time I see one of them? I certainly hope not, but I can’t deny that the thought weighs heavy on my shoulders.

At church today we heard Kimberly talk about how people connect with God. Some connect with our Creator via study, some via worship, some via servanthood. For me, motorcycling is one of those ways. I know at probably sounds lame, but when I’m out there on the road, all alone, engine roaring beneath me, wind rushing past, the vibrant sights fillIng my eyes, the rich smells of nature flooding my nostrils, It’s then that I feel alive. It’s then that it’s just God and me, sharing a private experience, out there in the road.

For me this trip is about everything that is good in life. Family, friends, God, and His magnificent creation.