Epic Ride 2010: Update 2

We’re set. The Epic Ride 2010 pre-planning is complete, and the trip is a go. This summer we ride all the way across this beautiful country of ours on two wheels. It’s just man, machine, and 4500 miles of American highway. I can’t wait to get out there and see this great country first hand, spending long, sweaty, dirty days out on the road, meeting other travelers, eating great food, and finishing each day with a cold beer and tasty cigar.

For me this is going to be a REAL vacation. Not some vacation where you go to some crowded park or building and get pushed through the sights like cattle going to slaughter. This is freedom. Every day we have a start and a finish point (and a few days we don’t even have a finish point!) and all we have to do is be at that finish point in time to get enough sleep for the next day. What happens between start and finish is completely up to us and chance. It’s unplanned. It’s unknown.

One thing that really bugs me though is the people who tell me I’m crazy. I’ve also been hearing people’s negative comments about the girl who got stranded after trying to sail around the world. A few people even had the balls to say that people who look for adventure are just selfish and instead of spending money buying boats and sailing around the world, we should give that money to the poor and be content with knowing that our adventure comes in the next life. Yeah. Well let me tell you something; That’s just Christian-ese for “I’m a big fat wussy”. If that’s your state of mind, then the next time you get the urge to go to Yosemite, or San Francisco, or Disneyland, just keep your butt home. Because somebody explored, built up and provided access those areas at great expense, and I don’t want you to feel guilty.

Anyway, so we’re all set. The travel map is below. We’ve had to alter the route just a bit to accommodate family visits. It would be a shame to ride all that way and not spend quality time with relatives after all. But the ride is still going to be awesome, and truth be told, we’re probably going to need the extra rest. If anyone has any suggestions of things to see along the way, drop me a comment below.