Sequoia National Park

Now that's a big tree. And that one's just average!

We’ve been riding pretty consistently so far this year, planning about one group ride a month. However, normally at this time of year I’m riding every weekend. I think the added work of trying to coordinate groups rides has socked my enthusiasm a bit. So this weekend I decided I was just going to pick a destination and ride.

I called my bro up on Friday and asked if he wanted to meet me in Visalia and he was all for it. We connected at Denny’s and hit the road. Even at this point I didn’t really know where we were going. I just knew I was heading for the mountains.

We ended up touring some of Sequoia National Park. Wow, what a beautiful, beautiful place. Yosemite gets all the press, but Sequoia and King’s Canyon NP’s are awesome, and far less busy. We checked out Mono Rock as well as the biggest tree on the planet (by volume), General Sherman, which makes the tree in this photo look like a sapling.

On the way back we stopped at a little restaurant on the river in Three Rivers and enjoyed a few cold ones and a sandwich. It was a pretty outstanding day just enjoying God’s creation, and hanging with my bro.

I’ve posted some pics on Facebook. The public link is below.

Ride Photos